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INXUSA the Messenger

Inxusa is the Zulu-word for messenger, bringer of the news. It is the title of the newsletter of Xynergy Foundation about the projects with children in South-Africa, mostly at schools. The core of the projects are painting-sessions with hands and sports excersizes. In the last few years they are extended with singing, dance and jamsessions, and rhythm&drum lessons as well as creative crafts skills and artistic drawing lessons.

The first few newsletters, in 2005, where every half year. Now they are made once a year. They are made as a hand-out on A4 size paper and being sent to the addresses of the mailing list per post. Also they are scanned to read on the website, where you also can find extra information and photo's.

First INXUSA was meant to inform Holland, but now they are translated in english for South Africa, especially for the teachers and children whom it concerns!


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