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As is it stated in my Art-statement, the art I make is a result of what I am and what experience. Originally my field of art is drawing and painting, but then I started to paint my clothes, make ceramic plates and cups, and moved into a studio-space which became my house, where I literally slept between the canvases and paint.

My studio-house however is not the only place to make art; I like to draw everywhere, waitingrooms, airplanes etcetera, which resuted in a series 'everyday drawings' which form an image-diary.

To express my deeper feelings of connection to nature I create rituals/performances for and about nature, at beaches, mountain-area's and sometimes in cities; in a gallery or at the street. One can make art everywhere!

On top of that the art-projects with other people and children is in fact an extension of my own art. So 'my art is my life, my life is my art'.

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