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Xynergy covers the art studio Lionah Chimara. Painting with hands, face and body. Paintings like this from 1999. Performances being filmed and photographed since 2002. Canvases from 50x50cm up to 2meter by 10 metres. Titles like: 'tribute to the moon' (UK forest) ‘tribute to the sun' (Holland beach) 'thanks to nature' (Mozambique dunes) 'La Gomera earth' (La Gomera mountains) 'Light from the soil' (Drakensberg South Africa mountains).

The more healing this way of painting became for me, the more i wanted to share with other people, especially children. I did hand-painting projects guided by music with mentally ill people, disabled children, and deaf and blind children. First in Holland, later in South Africa as well; Xynergy Foundation was born in 2002.


Official name: Xynergy Foundation for Art, Culture and Education in South Africa. Hand-painting projects for deaf and blind children, orphans and schoolchildren, mostly in Freestate and Kwa Zulu Natal. Started to work in Umlazi Township, later in Valley of Thousand Hills, later in Drakensberg Valleys. Contacts in Soweto and Capetown for the future. Aim was to facilitate children to express themselves give children a platform/language to TALK to destress them, release pressures. It worked, and even more. After combining dancing, singing, clapping rythms, exercising and painting it appears to be giving hope giving strenghth enlarging their self esteem open the gates to more spiritual life (in general). After all, every time during a painting session we found something special has happened, nobody can really get hold of, name it, but we all feel lifted up, to some other level....and we call it XYNERGY

In the year of 2001 artist Nathi Khanyile visited Holland for his art-exhibition in Amsterdam together with other artists from South Africa. We became friends and he invited me to visit his house in Umlazi Township. For one month i lived the township life with washing from a bowl and a lot of people in a small house and experienced typical customs like a Zulu wedding. It was a culture shock to me coming from the convenient western world, but as a whole it caught my interest, and during my many visits every year again it became a new source of inspiration as well as a new life style for me; since one month i live now in South Africa.

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